Tecumseh University Established to DevelopCertified Refrigeration Specialists

Dec. 4, 2012
Six, week-long Intermediate Refrigeration sessions have been offered in 2012, with additional Intermediate and Advanced courses planned for 2013.

Tecumseh Products Company demonstrates its commitment for increased technical training and support to its network of authorized North American wholesalers with the establishment of Tecumseh University.

The purpose-built classroom and lab facility at the site of Tecumseh’s main North American production hub in Tupelo, Mississippi will provide the training and education necessary for key wholesaler personnel to become Tecumseh Certified “Refrigeration Specialists.”

Tecumseh Certified “Refrigeration Specialists” will play an essential role in Tecumseh’s partnership with its authorized wholesalers, focusing primarily on enriching their knowledge of refrigeration systems and extending that knowledge to the wholesale branch level. The expected result is that Tecumseh authorized wholesalers will expand and deepen their knowledge of refrigeration systems and more importantly, they will be able to correctly apply and troubleshoot compressors and condensing units. Certified “Refrigeration Specialist” will have a stronger foundation and be better equipped to support commercial refrigeration contractors.

“Pushing advanced technical knowledge deeper into the sales channel will help to increase the wholesaler’s penetration into the commercial refrigeration market,” said Jeff Fordeck, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tecumseh North America. “These Refrigeration Specialists then become more valuable to their respective wholesale companies, helping to drive growth and profitability.” A total of six (6), week-long Intermediate Refrigeration sessions will take place in 2012, with additional Intermediate and Advanced courses planned for 2013.