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    Tech Update April 2011: Commercial Cooling Towers, Residential Tools & Instruments

    April 1, 2011
    Commercial: Cooling Towers, Water Treatment, Filters
    Residential: HVAC & Refrigerant Tools and Instruments


    Baltimore Aircoil Co.
    Baltimore Aircoil Company's Series 3000 cooling towers provide the heat rejection required at the lowest possible energy input via low horsepower axial fans, and high efficiency BACross® Fill, which provides maximum air/water contact time at low air pressure drops.

    Models 3728C through 31056C and 31132C through 31301C ship in two sections to minimize the size and weight of the heaviest lift, allowing for the use of smaller, less costly cranes.

    Series 3000 cooling towers are designed to meet requirements of the 2006 International Building Code (IBC). The standard unit can be certified up to an SDS of 1.4g, which covers most U.S. seismic applications. In addition, the Series 3000 cooling towers have been designed to withstand wind loads of 30 PSF or higher. BAC can also provide an upgraded tower to meet more extreme wind levels.
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    Clarcor introduces the Airguard Micro Guard® LR high efficiency filter. With a high efficiency of 99%+ on 0.3 micrometers and low pressure drop, the Micro Guard LR introduces new sales opportunities for applications where the indoor air quality goal is the highest efficiency at the lowest resistance, sources say.

    Comparing the Micro Guard LR against our current 95% DOP Micro Guard 95 DOP product line, the new LR product is over 40% lower in initial resistance than our current 95% DOP product with a higher efficiency (99%+ vs. 95% removal efficiency on 0.3 micrometers).
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    Parker Hannifin
    Parker Hannifin Corporation, Sporlan Division introduces the ParFlush system clean-up kit; the system clean-up solution for R-410A conversions and compressor burn-out clean-up.

    The ParFlush system clean-up kit provides two critical components; not only a flushing solution. The first component is the fast drying ParFlush solvent to wash away harmful chemical residues before they collect at the metering device destroying system performance. The ParFlush system clean-up kit also contains the patented ParFlush filter-drier that uses "staged filtration" technology to capture disturbed solid particles before the solvent-like POE lubricant can move them and cause component damage and failure. The filter-drier also removes the moisture and acid so the Sporlan ParFlush system clean-up kit provides complete system performance protection. The ParFlush kit comes in two sizes allowing the servicing technician to use the correctly sized product for the situation; whether air-conditioning, heat pump, or refrigeration.
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    Precision Coils
    Precision Coils announces the latest release (release 6.4) of its new coil selection and pricing software.

    Among the notable features of the release are:

    • Quick Ship options for 3, 5, 10, or 15-day manufacturing lead-times.
    • Added 3/8-in. x 0.020-in. wall copper tubes

    Download the software at www.precision-coils.com/software/

    Visit the website at precision-coils.com
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    Puronics® introduces the Clarius whole-house water treatment system. Through implementation of green technology, the Clarius provides high-quality water in a cost effective manner, without the use of salt, potassium or chemicals. The Clarius has four distinct filter medias, and automatically backwashes to keep itself clean. Puronics recently received the prestigious 2010 U.S. Frost and Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation for the Clarius.
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    VRTX Technologies
    VRTX Technologies, a water treatment company specializing in chemical-free treatment for cooling towers and evaporative condensers, is now offering its chemical free water treatment service at a price similar to traditional chemical programs.

    VRTX offers a monthly full service agreement (FSA) that provides all necessary equipment and filtration, regular service and monitoring, and a continuing mechanical warranty. VRTX is the only non-chemical water treatment company that guarantees performance of the system without requiring up-front capital invested by the customer, sources say.
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    Emerson Climate TechnologiesWhite-Rodgers announced a new addition to its Emerson Blue thermostat line, Emerson® Blue™ Easy Set™ thermostats. The new Emerson Blue Easy Set thermostats offer consumers the ability to manage their home comfort with one touch. By selecting pre-set home, sleep or away buttons, homeowners can find the perfect temperature for spending time with family, staying comfortable overnight, or saving energy while they’re out of the home.
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    Fieldpiece Instruments
    The wireless revolution has made it easier than ever for technicians to take HVACR tests and send the data immediately to the meter in another location for analysis. Fieldpiece Instruments introduces the wireless HVAC Guide® System Analyzer, model HG3 and wireless transmitter, model ET2W. This new system turns any of the Fieldpiece accessory heads into wireless test meters. Technicians now simply attach accessory heads to the test points and collect and analyze all the test data on the HG3. As the tech makes adjustments to the system, his HG3 will continue to collect the data in real time for easy analysis. Up to 12 parameters can be measured wirelessly at one time and sent to the HG3 for live viewing and analysis.
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    General Tools
    General Tools & Instruments has expanded The SEEKER™ line of video inspection systems to provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions that meet the wide-ranging technical and price-point needs of HVACR contractors and technicians. What distinguishes The SEEKER line of video inspection systems is the variety of system combinations offered, the range of interchangeable probes with different lengths and diameters, and the ability of some models to stream live video over the Internet.

    General offers multiple, interchangeable, small-diameter probes (5.5mm, 9mm and 12mm). With their close-focus capability (0.5 to 5.0 in. depth of field), the small-diameter probes allow a “close-up” look at the internals of a system or piece of equipment. All scopes in the line come equipped with flexible-obedient, camera-tipped probes that have adjustable lighting and are water, oil and dust proof to IP67 standards. Both the 5.5mm and 9mm probes are available in lengths of 1m, 2m and 3m, while the 12mm probe accepts 1m, 2m and 3m extensions that increase the overall reach to 5m.
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    JB Industries
    JB introduces the LD 5000 PROWLER refrigerant gas leak detector. The LD 5000 uses a long life R-410A, R-404A, R-407C, and R-507, in addition to all HCFC (R-22) refrigerants including SNAP approved hydrocarbon blends. The sensor is durable and will not be damaged by overexposure to refrigerant gas or contaminated by condensate water. Our technology provides for low battery consumption, excellent circuit stability, extremely long sensor life, and the electrochemical function does not diminish over time or with use. The LD 5000's unique digital size leak indicator takes the guesswork out of whether or not to repair a small leak. The adjustable LCD display is independent from the audio and/or vibrating handle alarms and sensitivity level, allowing for precise pinpointing of the leak source. If a leak is detected, there's an audible alarm, vibration in handle, and bar graph on the screen. The PROWLER doesn’t require rechargeable batteries and operates on 4 AA batteries (included).
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    Midwest Tool
    Midwest Tool And Cutlery has introduced patent pending interchangeable blade seamers for the HVACR and building/construction trades.

    Interchangeable blades provide great value and convenience by eliminating the need to carry or purchase two separate hand seamers. The MW-S36 model seamer comes with 3-in. and 6-in. forged steel blades. The MW-S59 has 5-in. and 9-in. aluminum blades. Interchangeable blades are quick and easy to switch out, sources say. Each of the four blade sizes is also available in individual seamer blade kits. Midwest Snips® interchangeable blade seamers feature hot drop-forged blade brackets that provide unmatched strength for the toughest applications, compound leverage handle action for maximum folding and gripping power, rust resistant zinc-plated handles and soft, comfortable grips.
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    Kett Tool
    Kett Tool’s KSV-432, when used in conjunction with a HEPA filtered shop vacuum, works to contain hazardous dust, a key element in the new EPA ruling on lead, remodeling, repair and painting. The unique cast aluminum head captures dust at the cutting zone and easily attaches to most standard shop vacuums using HEPA filters, which can remove up to 99.97% of lead particles. The KSV-432 is powered by 5.0 amp, variable speed 2500 RPM motor and uses replaceable tool steel saw blades. The KSV-432 is ideal for cutting drywall, plywood, fiberglass and C.R. mild steel up to 16 gauge.
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    Promax introduces the RG6000 next-generation refrigerant recovery machine. In accordance with the new standards, the Promax RG6000 is built to provide a liquid recovery rate of 7.78 lb/min for R-22 and 6.04 lb/min for R-410A and delivers vapor recovery performance with a rate of 0.55 lb/min for R-22 and 0.35 lb/min for R-410A. The unit is also tested and verified to recover vapor at 104F with a recovery rate of 0.46 lb/min.

    According to company sources, the machine is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in extreme conditions. The oversized condenser helps the machine run cool in extreme temperatures allowing for fast recovery in high-temperature environments. Operation is also simplified with a self-purge manifold function that eliminates residual refrigerant after each service preventing cross contamination—leaving the machine “ready to go” for the next service call.
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    Introducing the high performance, low cost, Testo 550 RSA refrigeration system analyzer, for calculating superheat and sub-cooling in real time. The 550 is ideal for servicing, maintaining and commissioning all types of air conditioning systems. The 550 can be used to perform leak tests on AC/R systems. The analyzer comes in a rugged, compact unit including hose holders, pipe clamp probe and an integrated hook. The analyzer also features:

    • Compact design for ease of use, transport and set up.
    • Robust housing that protects the analyzer from the everyday bumps and drops. It is built for the field.
    • Full function analyzer with 30 refrigerants stored on the processor and unique temperature-compensated sensors
    • Eliminates the use of PT charts.

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    Ritchie Engineering
    Ritchie Engineering introduces the heat pump manifold from YELLOW JACKET®. Its 3-1/8-in. high- and low-side gauges with 1% accuracy are designed to handle heat pump pressures and transitions in heating or cooling mode. Both low and high side black steel case gauges handle up to 800 psi. Temperature scales cover the most popular heat pump refrigerants (R-22, R-410A and R-407C). Available with 60-in. hoses (42044), without hoses (42041) and with hoses in a fitted backpack (42040).
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    TIF, an SPX® Brand, released a new video inspection scope (P/N TIF3880) designed for remote inspection of areas generally inaccessible to the naked eye. It comes with a distal video camera at the end of a water-resistant shaft used for the internal inspection of HVAC systems, interior structures of walls, and many other industrial applications, without demolition or disassembly. Measuring only 10 millimeters in diameter, the shaft is ideal for probing hard-to-reach areas normally hidden from sight, enabling the inspection specialist to visually examine the inside of furnace cabinets, heat exchangers, ducts, and pipes for signs of cracking, metal wear/fatigue, water leaks and overheating.

    The high-resolution color LCD screen provides video from the miniature imaging sensor at the tip of the water-tight, flexible, 72-in. long Staylock™ shaft.. The bright, white LED light combined with the autofocus and sensitivity of the camera allows the operator to view objects as close as 1/4-in.
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