April 1, 2010
At HVAC Comfortech 2009, 11 products were recognized as Product Showcase Award winners. Judges took into consideration the ease with which HVAC contractors can apply the technology, and the technical value of the product or service to the HVAC industry. We'll feature these products each month in upcoming issues of Contracting Business.

New Software Gives Contractors an Advantage
Online-Access has designed and developed a system that lets any contractor easily and quickly install an E-Commerce store in their website to profitably sell filters, pads, UV bulbs and more to their customers.

The E-Commerce store can be put on the website in less than an hour. The system totally automates the pricing and product fulfillment because it partners with HVAC wholesalers throughout the country to provide product pricing and shipping fulfillment. The system will work with any distributor in the HVAC/R industry that wants to provide its service to contractors at no cost to the wholesaler.

Included in the E-Commerce system is a fully automated reminder system that, once set up, will automatically remind the homeowner on an ongoing basis when they should check or replace their filter (or humidifier pad/UV bulb) as well as provide a direct link to the product that will show only the exact model and size they require. circle 145

Contractor’s Daily Logbook & Jobsite Reference
Delmar, part of Cengage Learning and a leading provider of learning solutions for ongoing career development and education, announced the release of the Dewalt® Contractor’s Daily Logbook & Jobsite Reference for contractors, builders and construction managers.

This resource, divided into two parts, provides all of the necessary elements needed to effectively manage and oversee the completion of a construction project. Part One offers daily log pages, carefully designed to assist contractors in documenting everything necessary on the jobsite, from daily activities to weather conditions, workers' schedules, material deliveries, subcontractors, Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements and more. Additional features found throughout the reference include a carefully designed log system that provides a quick, easy and accurate daily entry system, as well as additional logs including equipment and material purchases, accident reports, contact reports and safety checklists. Part Two complements the log section by incorporating a variety of resources including a construction math section and a Spanish/English dictionary of commonly used construction terms. A comprehensive reference section completes the book and offers an appendix with conversion tables, formulas, plan symbols, illustrations and charts that cover major contractor operations. circle 146

New Product Introduced at ACCA
Mitsubishi Electric HVAC, has updated its Y- and R2-Series City Multi Variable Refrigerant Zoning Systems (VRFZ) to provide even greater cooling and heating capacity and application flexibility, sources say.

The PURY/PUHY-P/T(S)HMU-A (208/230-volt) and the PURY/PUHY-P/Y(S)HMU-A (460-volt) outdoor unit modules feature a single inverter-driven compressor for increased performance and enhanced capacity control. The units also are extremely quiet with a low operating sound of only 58 dB(A) for the 6-ton outdoor unit and 65dB(A) for the 30-ton outdoor unit system. This quiet operation can be attributed the units' compressor compartments, which are sealed by metal panels to minimize sound levels in all directions. In addition, the units feature increased pipe length and a dipswitch for adjustable static pressure.

The City Multi R2-Series features inverter technology and simultaneous cooling and heating, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. The two-pipe heat recovery operation is made possible through the use of the Branch Circuit (BC) Controller, which directs refrigerant flow between the indoor units and the outdoor unit. circle 147

Figure 780 Grooved Snap Coupling Introduced
Grinnell Mechanical Products, announces the release of its Figure 780 grooved snap coupling. The hinged lever mechanism of the Figure 780 coupling provides a unique two-step closing feature that partially locks then closes the coupling, helping to minimize the opportunity for personal injury. Pushing the lever handle initially snaps the housing segments together. Continuing to push the lever handle then smoothly locks the coupling into position.

The coupling is available in sizes 1½ to 8-in. (DN40 to DN200) and rated to handle pressures up to 300 psi (20,7 bar). Sizes 5 to 8-in. (DN125 to DN200) feature a cross-ribbed housing design for added strength. The Figure 780 is ideal for industrial, OEM, and mining applications, sources say. circle 148

Comforteer™ Packaged Unit Features MicroChannel Technology
The new Coleman® Comforteer™ horizontal ducted, single-packaged electric cooling unit and heat pump features microchannel technology and R-410A refrigerant for maximum efficiency and reduced energy usage.

The cooling unit’s lightweight, durable, all-aluminum microchannel condenser coil delivers maximum cooling by improving heat transfer capabilities. The technology also reduces charge volumes and increases coil durability. circle 149

Emerson Climate Technologies Copeland Scroll Digital™ Available Up To 30HP
The Copeland Scroll Digital™ compressor for R-410A applications is now available in three to 15HP in single compressor configurations and 11 to 30HP in tandem configurations. According to company sources, the Copeland Scroll Digital provides the most precise capacity modulation available, along with the inherent reliability and efficiency benefits of Copeland Scroll® technology. Up to 30% more efficient than traditional hot-gas-bypass systems, the Copeland Scroll Digital R-410A compressor can precisely hold temperature and humidity levels to within 1/2F. It is capable of capacity-modulation between 10 and 100%, the lowest minimum capacity ratio in the industry, making it ideal for commercial applications that experience varying capacity throughout the day. This newly expanded line ultimately arms contractors with additional options, allowing them to be better prepared for future regulatory requirements and changes, while still gaining the reliability, efficiency and modulation benefits of Copeland Scroll Digital technology, sources say. circle 150