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Holding High Standards

April 1, 2010
John Drye has contributed greatly to the HVAC Industry

 At HVAC Comfortech 2009, North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recognized five “Top Techs” from across the country. To be honored as a Top Tech, technicians must be practicing in the field, and hold NATE’s senior certification (Efficiency Analyst) and at least four other certifications.

John Drye: "Get as many NATE certifications as you can."

This month, Contracting Businessis pleased to introduce you to John Drye, service technician, MJ Hayward Mechanical/Electrical, West Lebanon, NH.

The HVAC industry can thank the U.S. Marines for John Drye’s expertise. When Drye enlisted in 2002, his options included refrigeration mechanic and infantry.

“Nothing against the infantry, I have a lot of friends there; but I wanted to do something a little more technical at the time,” Drye told Contracting Business

Drye’s decision to pursue refrigeration service has paid off nicely. He holds NATE service certifications in hydronics gas-fired, hydronics oil-fired, gas furnace, air conditioning, heat pump, and Efficiency Analyst.

Drye says he thinks the ideal technician possesses several important qualities, including the ability to absorb, interpret, and retain a lot of information in an era of rapidly changing technology.

“Certification is one way for technicians to prove that they have a solid understanding of the field in which they work, and are willing to put forth the effort to continually improve themselves. The majority of certified technicians usually hold themselves to a high standard of workmanship and are proficient in their fields,” Drye says.

Looking to the future, Drye recommends that individuals interested in becoming HVAC technicians not waste any time, and take care of their education before they attempt to perform in the field.

“It’s a tough industry to get into. The learning curve is very steep, and it’s difficult to train on the job,” he says. “However, many people who started in this industry years ago are getting close to retirement. Get into it now, and be aware of the value of certification. Get as many certifications as you can.”

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