Comfortech Product Showcase Award: August 2010

Aug. 1, 2010
At HVAC Comfortech 2009, 11 products were recognized as Product Showcase Award winners. Judges took into consideration the ease with which HVAC contractors can apply the technology, and the technical value of the product or service to the HVAC industry. ...

At HVAC Comfortech 2009, 11 products were recognized as Product Showcase Award winners. Judges took into consideration the ease with which HVAC contractors can apply the technology, and the technical value of the product or service to the HVAC industry. We'll feature these products each month in upcoming issues of Contracting Business. This month, we're featuring RMS of Georgia's Choice R421A, the winner in the mescellaneous category. For additional information on any of the products listed here, visit

Choice R421A Replaces R22
RMS of Georgia is proud to offer and manufacture their Choice R421A, which replaces R22. ASHRAE designated R421A is also SNAP accepted by the EPA.

The pressure temperature of refrigerant R421A is almost identical in relation to R22, and it's extremely easy to use, company sources say. R421A has the closest PT chart of any alternative refrigerant in the U.S., unlike R410 that operates at a much higher pressure and requires new equipment purchases. R421A can be topped off following a system leak. It doesn't contain butane or isobutane. R421A can be used with all existing R22 equipment and oils, RMS says.
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Heat Pump PadTM Saves Time On Installation
The Heat Pump PadTM reduces the time, hassle, and cost associated with elevating equipment above snow and ice, sources say. DiversiTech's patented "star" design lifts equipment a minimum of 80in. above grade (the same height as a 2-in. pad with 6-in. risers). Plus, each pad ships with eight anti-vibration pads included for quite operation.

According to company sources, the Heat Pump Pad is easy to carry to the jobsite and set. When the pad is placed level, its angled base automatically drains condensate and melted snow, without the contractor having to angle the pad. The built-in risers guarantee stable installation. In addition, the thin base of the Heat Pump Pad allows for a snug fit over an existing pad. The finished look is uniform, substantial, and professional.
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Modulating Hot Gas Reheat Available for McQuay Rooftop Systems
McQuay International announced the availability of a modulating hot gas reheat option for McQuay RoofPak™ Applied and Maverick™ II Commercial Rooftop Systems, allowing building owners to optimize dehumidification to better control and maintain a desirable air temperature without using additional energy to reheat cooled air.

The factory-installed modulating hot gas reheat option on McQuay rooftop systems provides optimum humidity and temperature control in the conditioned space. Through compressor control and by modulating hot gas to the reheat coil, the systems maintain a constant dew point and constant air temperature leaving the cooling coil. These systems also qualify for LEED® "charge per ton" credit, earning building owners one extra LEED credit for Energy and Atmosphere in LEED for New Construction Version 2.2.
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Aprilaire Introduces Model 800 Steam Humidifier
Aprilaire introduces a steam humidifier specifically designed for residential environments where evaporative technology is not practical. According to company sources, the Model 800 combines easy

installation and minimal maintenance for the HVAC contractor.

Special benefits of the Model 800 steam humidifier include:

  • High capacities of up to 23 gallons per day;
  • Operates on a call for humidity;
  • Controlling humidity is no longer dependent on a call for heat from the thermostat;
  • Mounts directly on the duct or remotely up to 20-ft. away.
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ClimateMaster Offers new Cased Air Coil for Geothermal Systems
ClimateMaster now offers a new Tranquility® (TAC) cased air coil series with sizes 026, 038, 049 and 064.

Tranquility indoor coils are designed and matched for use with Tranquility indoor and outdoor geothermal split systems. Using EarthPure® HFC-410A refrigerant, the TAC exceeds federal requirements for the 30% tax credit on installation costs when paired with a ClimateMaster Tranquility split unit. Also, when paired with a split, the TAC exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 and Energy Star 3.0 efficiencies.

This series is available in vertical up flow or down flow, and horizontal left or right airflow. The TAC easily connects to an existing fossil fuel furnace, has large removable access panels for serviceability. Installation advantages include bi-directional thermal expansion valves and full convertibility. Options on the TAC are an electronic thermostat or auto-changeover thermostat with 3-stage heat, 2-stage cool, and indicator LEDs.
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Peerless Boilers Offers Two New High Efficiency Boiler Models
Peerless Boilers recently added two new models to their extensive boiler line. The gas-fired, high efficiency Peerless® Combi 160 and Cast 92 boilers are Energy Star® rated and eligible for the Federal tax credit.

The 93% efficient Peerless® Combi 160 condensing boiler uses premixed burner technology for optimal combustion. The boiler offers hydronic heat and domestic hot water in one complete unit by using an integrated coil-type hot water tank. The built-in tankless heater is capable of producing up to four gallons of domestic hot water per-min.

The Cast 92 cast iron condensing boiler has a 92.7% AFUE and can be used with either natural or LP gas. Due to its design there is no need for primary/secondary piping. The boiler can be vented with the familiar AL294C venting material and both indoor and outdoor air can be used for combustion.
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Honeywell Web Controller Provides Automation Control for Large-Scale Facilities
Honeywell announced its new WEB-700 controller supports multiple applications, including building automation and energy management, on the same platform. The controller, which is built on the NiagaraAX Framework®, provides complete, reliable building automation control with fewer components when compared to bulkier, more complex controllers, sources say.

The WEB-700 controller integrates into an existing building management system, serving data and graphical information to a web browser through Ethernet LAN remotely over the Internet or using a dial-up modem. Real-time data, alarms and other control information are integrated through these powerful controllers.

The WEB-700 controller is ideal for use in large facilities, multi-building facilities and large-scale control system integrations.
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Noritz Introduces Concentric-Vented, 180,000 BTU/h Tankless Water Heater
With inputs ranging from 18,000 BTU per hour to 180,000 BTU/H and flow rates from 0.5 gallons per minute to 8.3 GPM, the NR83-DVC is designed specifically for one-bathroom homes in the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada, as well as two-bath residences in the Southeast and Southwest. At a 45F rise in temperature, the unit will operate at a flow rate of 6.7 GPM, delivering water temperatures from 100F to 140F.

Measuring at 23.6-in. x 13.8-in. x 9.4 in. the 49lb. water heater offers these features:

  • Low NOx, Eco-Burner™
  • Commercial-grade heat exchanger
  • Adjustable concentric venting.
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Brochure About No-Clog, Energy Saving Clothes Dryer Booster® Fan Available
A brochure from Tjernlund Products, Inc., tells how the company’s no-clog Dryer Duct Booster® fan saves energy and reduces clothes drying times up to 50% on restrictive/long dryer duct runs.

The Dryer Duct Booster®, which automatically operates when the dryer is running, features a “Lint-BlitzerTM impeller that repels lint while increasing air velocity needed for proper exhaust in ducts up to 100 equivalent feet. Lint build-up, dust and fire hazard potential are reduced. A permanently lubricated PSC motor is located outside the air stream for longer life.

The brochure highlights easy do-it-yourself installation, 5-year no-clog guarantee and installation in horizontal or vertical orientations.
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