Haberberger Completes Federal Reserve Bank Project

Sept. 1, 2008

Haberberger, Inc., St. Louis, MO, has completed work on two separate projects at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis as part of the building’s expansion and renovations.

The 60-year old Haberberger company was recruited to install new HVAC piping in the new, six-story bank tower as part of the first project, which began in March 2007.  The bank’s security system made the piping installation more difficult due to certain restrictions, and Haberberger had to meet the challenge of installing the large custom air handling units, which were tough to maneuver during construction due to their size. The project was completed under the guidance of Superintendent Tom Masterson and Project Manager Todd Kramer.

Under the supervision of Kramer and another superintendent, John Boyd, Haberberger has also completed renovation work on the bank’s sixth floor. The Haberberger team installed an HVAC system and kitchen equipment in the new kitchen and server area. They also gutted the existing space on the floor to construct a private dining space and conference area, and erect a new auditorium and large conference room. 

Haberberger was hired by Volk Construction to work on the project. Duct Systems, Sidney Insulation, and Honeywell Controls were subcontractors.
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