Carrier Acquires Energy Services Company Noresco

Dec. 1, 2008

Carrier Corp. has acquired Noresco, a leading independent energy services company (ESCO)  based in Westborough, MA.

Established in 1984, Noresco has implemented thousands of efficiency and infrastructure upgrade projects that reduced energy and water consumption and lowered operating expenses for a wide range of customers. Its projects have included federal, state, and municipal agencies; educational institutions; hospitals; utilities; and commercial and industrial facilities. Noresco employs about 350 people in 20 offices across the U.S.

“Noresco complements the depth and breadth of Carrier’s portfolio, and is an integral part of our strategy to offer sustainable, comprehensive, end-to-end building solutions,” said Kelly Romano, president, Carrier Building Systems and Services, during a morning telephone conference with HVACR industry media on November 21st.

“Noresco is a company with very experienced people who know commercial buildings, and how to reduce energy consumption and operating costs in a building. Their skill in providing sustainable building solutions to customers is a great complement to Carrier, and we see lots of opportunity for growth and collaboration together,” Romano said.
Romano added that the acquisition of Noresco could provide “infinite” opportunities to conserve energy by improving building systems efficiency, and serve as an opportunity to expand efficiency globally.

“Few innovations have shaped modern life more dramatically than the ability to control indoor climate,” Romano said. “Buildings exist, and entire cities have developed around the world that would not be there without air conditioning. This year, for the first time ever, more than half the world’s population will live in urban rather than rural areas. The world will demand more and better indoor comfort. The need for greater energy efficiency and sustainable buildings is a must.”

Erv Lauterbach, president, Carrier Building Systems and Services’ North America field operations, said Carrier is impressed by Noresco’s experience in energy-efficiency. “Carrier greatly admires Noresco,” Lauterbach said. “As a founding company in the energy solutions sector with strong customer relationships, we’re pleased to have the employees of Noresco become part of the Carrier team, and look forward to serving customers with a more comprehensive solutions offering.”

Neil Petchers, president and CEO of Noresco, said Carrier’s acquisition of the company will allow it to expand its customer base and deliver increased value to Noresco customers.
“In any given project, we look at a building or facility as a dynamic or organic whole. There’s energy and water consumption, as well as maintenance and operations needs,” Petchers said. “When we analyze a facility, we’re looking at ways to improve it, make it more reliable, and help the facility better serve its mission and cut operating costs. From commercial refrigeration, to lighting, we’ve installed more than 100 different technology applications.”
Noresco’s expertise includes installing wind and solar power systems.
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