Johnson Controls ProficienTECH Training Available to York® Liberties™ Plus Dealers

Feb. 1, 2009

Johnson Controls now provides York® Liberties™ Plus dealers with online access to the entire library of ProficienTECH training materials.

ProficienTECH online training is a self-paced learning system accessible to registered York Liberties dealers 24/7, enabling them to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. Each session in the interactive tool is narrated with full audio and user-controlled features. Dealers are able to check their skills as they advance through a course and are required to take an online exam at the conclusion of each program.

“Now, dealers can access all of the training video previously released as DVDs and the accompanying software for Windows by visiting the Media Center on the Johnson Controls Unitary Products Technical Training site,” explains Scott Nelmark, training services manager for Johnson Controls. “For dealers who use mobile devices, iDevice Central provides the ProficienTECH library in a mobile-friendly format designed for the iPod Classic, Touch, and Nano. Technicians can carry an entire library of video training in their pockets,” Nelmark says.
Johnson Controls has offered media-based training programs for York air conditioners, 40-in. modulating gas furnaces, heat pumps, 33-in. single-stage gas furnaces and 33-in. modulating gas furnaces. Each training set includes materials to support independent HVAC contractors, distributors,and technicians.

The Liberties Program provides other cost-effective services designed to help participating dealers manage their businesses. Features include special leasing options, financial programs, professionally designed sales and marketing tools, training programs, and employee benefits
In other news, nine York territory managers (TMs) graduated from Johnson Controls’ Special Ops Boot Camp held near the company’s Unitary Products headquarters in Norman, OK in late 2008. The training provides TMs with the information they need to help dealers plan for and achieve business success. To qualify for the training, TMs must graduate from York’s Basic Training Boot Camp with a score of at least 85% and spend the following six months in the field.;