May 10, 2012
Be recognized as one of the best in the HVAC Design/Build business.

What's your specialty? Energy efficient chillers? State-of-the-art controls? Superb indoor air quality systems? Or overall commercial HVAC project excellence? We want to hear about how you make your specialties shine in commercial HVAC.

Contracting is accepting entries for its annual Design/Build Awards in Commercial HVAC.


In addition to several categories honoring the finest examples of Design/Build work being done across the country, we will also accept for consideration outstanding examples of work done under the Design/Bid and Design/Assist delivery methods. The key element in any project category will be the HVAC contractor’s ability to take a leading role in providing the ultimate HVAC system for the benefit of the customer. There will be subcategories to ensure that projects compete against others of the same cost. Any project or projects you wish to enter must be implemented on commercial buildings (including industrial, high-rise residential, or institutional).

In your entry, please provide the following:
1. Your contact information (title, company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address).
2. The customer’s company name and location. Include a contact name, title, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address. Please make sure you have the permission of your customer before entering.
3. The total installed cost of the job. The mechanical costs are based on the total price to the customer for all parts and labor for HVAC, refrigeration, or plumbing work related to comfort or process control. 4. A list of names and project responsibilities of key individuals in your company (and the customer’s company, if applicable) who were directly responsible for the successful design and implementation of the job.
5. A list of the products (manufacturer, type of equipment, and model number) that were used on the project.
6. A summary of the project. Please explain how your company won the project, and how your company was able to deliver a quality project on time and on budget under the delivery method used (Design/Build, Design/ Assist, or Design/Bid).
The summary of your project should include information on:
* Design quality
* Installation quality
* Comfort
* Control
* Energy efficiency
* IAQ improvement
* Environmental impact
* Unique challenges resolved
* Thorough commissioning

7. High quality job photographs, a representative diagram of the layout, and load calculations.

The Design/Build process is the preferred delivery method in the HVAC industry for a reason. It allows for better control of costs, a built-in level of quality, fewer warranty problems, potentially higher margins, and more satisfied customers. For two decades, has paid tribute to this process and the HVAC contractors who embody it through our prestigious Design/Build Awards Program.

SEE THE GUIDELINES HERE, UNDER "FIND OUT HOW TO ENTER," to learn more about the expanded Design/Build Awards Program and what it takes to win.

1. A Design/Build Award is a symbol to prospects that your company is one of the best in the business. That’s a marketing tool worth more than its weight in gold.
2. Winners will be profiled in the October Design/Build Awards issue of Contracting
3. There’s NO FEE to enter.

Send All Entries to: Terry McIver, Magazine The Penton Media Bldg. 1300 E. 9th St. Cleveland, OH 44114-1503 Phone: 216/931-9732
E-mail entries to: [email protected]
Deadline for entries is July 13, 2012. Guidelines are also here: