Jason Young Has Fun, Wins Comfortech Idol Competition

Oct. 1, 2005
Jason Young of Climate Control, Lake Oswego, OR, wore the crown of Comfotech Idol for 2005.

Comfortech Idol winner Jason Young, left, with event sponsor, Charlie Greer, at Comfortech 2005.

There was no off-key singing or cover versions of hits gone by; just some serious, fun, go-get-'em sales presentations from some of the HVAC industry's most talented salesmen.

Afterwards, Jason Young of Climate Control, Lake Oswego, OR, wore the crown of Comfotech Idol for 2005.

As a culminating event of the HVAC Comfortech 2005, the Idol finale was a showdown between three contestants who had survived two previous rounds of judging: Young; Wally Long, of A Best Value Heating & Cooling; and Jake McBee, of Jon Wayne Air Conditioning.

Modeled after, "American Idol," the FOX TV network's popular talent show, Comfortech Idol contestants attempt to close on mock sales, and a panel of judges rate their performance.

This year's Idol contestants were subjected to pointed, but well-intentioned, commentary from a panel of judges with tons of HVAC sales experience of their own: Comfortech Idol's founder and sponsor, Charlie Greer, of; Matt Michel, of Service Roundtable; Vickie LaPlant, of Vital Learning Experiences; and Michael Moore, of HVAC Learning Solutions.

"Jason entered the contest last year and made it into the finals,"recalls Greer, "however, to his bitter disappointment, he did not win. Despite his previous failure, he returned to HVAC Comfortech 2005 for the sole purpose of becoming the next Comfortech Idol.

"Jason won the hearts of the audience with his cool, calm demeanor and managed to close 'role-player,' Jim Hinshaw, of Sales Improvement Professionals, in less than the allotted 10 minutes," says Greer.

"It was awesome to win," says Young, who says he felt comfortable and relaxed going into the final round, and feels he had an advantage by being first up.

Young's HVAC career began when he went to work for his father, James Young, 16 years ago. He owned his own business for two years, and started at Climate Control in 1995. His sales philosophy is, "Have fun and the customer will, too."

Young, 34, is married. He and his wife, Krystal, have two children.

Young receives a trophy and prize package worth in excess of $5,000, an all-expense paid trip to Charlie Greer's 4-Day Sales Survival School in Fort Myers, FL, Tom McCart books and videos, and a business learning and technical learning CD package from HVAC Learning Solutions.

"The misconception of Comfortech Idol is that there is no reason to go to it if you're not competing," says Greer. "However, because of the role-playing, and the fact that the panel offers suggestions and allows questions from the audience during the elimination rounds, the people who attend them say that they are a better learning experience than a sales seminar."

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