Arzel Receives Frost & Sullivan Leadership Award

Based on its recent analysis of the zoning controls market, Frost Sullivan recognizes Arzel® Zoning Technology Inc. (Arzel) with the 2007 North American Frost Sullivan Award for Competitive Strategy Leadership of the Year for its product reliability, design flexibility, and installation simplicity.
Arzel designs zoning systems for applications ranging from new and existing homes to light commercial buildings, offering cost-effective, installation friendly comfort solutions.

While growth in the zoning controls industry in early 2000 came mainly from new construction as opposed to the retrofit market, by 2007 only 35 to 40% of the annual growth came from new construction, according to Arzel spokespersons. The remainder came from retrofit zoning and the products sold in the replacement market. Approximately 75% of these existing homes use a single thermostat. Essentially, there are many more homes available in the retrofit market struggling with comfort issues and consuming more energy than necessary.

Arzel was quick to recognize this potential target market and capitalize on the significant number of opportunities. In commercial facilities, Arzel has taken advantage of the demand for enhanced building automation systems, a key driver for the zoning controls.

“The company has been highly successful in aligning its strategy to achieve an impressive 20% growth in 2007, as compared to an estimated average of 9% industry growth,” says Frost Sullivan Research Analyst Jorge Moreno. “Having thoroughly examined the industry scenario, Arzel has leveraged the retrofit advantage to its growth strategies, designing with emphasis on flexibility to cater to both the retrofit as well as the new construction markets.”

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