Arzel Zoning Offers Comfort College Plus

Arzel Zoning Technology announced it has partnered with Genteq Motors for Comfort College Plus, a zoning education and ECM motor training session. The lecture-lab course will be held at the Arzel Zoning facilities in Cleveland, OH, on May 5-6, 2011 and October 12-13, 2011. Attendees will receive fourteen hours of NATE recertification for the special two-day combination class along with 10 hours of Ohio CEUs.

Comfort College Plus will feature a new section, ECM Service Training, taught by Genteq Certified Master ECM Trainer, Christopher Mohalley, who will cover all the ECM motors used in residential and light commercial HVAC for the last 20 years. New ECM technologies will also be presented and demonstrated in the Arzel Zoning Dynamics Lab.

Following the ECM class, attendees will begin Arzel’s Comfort College agenda which educates on zoning opportunity recognition, product familiarization, system design and proper installation techniques. Arzel and Genteq have partnered prior to this class with the Evergreen Zoning product, the first retrofit, non-proprietary zone control system capable of controlling blower speed based upon the size of each zone and the service being provided.

“We recognize the role manufacturers play not only to provide the products necessary for contractors to be successful but also in developing the skilled technicians needed to install and service products,” says Dennis Laughlin, President of Arzel. “Offering this session with complementary technologies provides contractors the information they need to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

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