AtmosAir Solutions OpensPhoenix Regional Office

2115 E. Cedar St., Suite 6, in Tempe

AtmosAir Solutions, a leading air purification company which markets and installs green, clean indoor air devices for businesses and residences, announced today that it has opened a Phoenix Regional office to provide sales, research and development & engineering support to meet the growing demand and interest for its clean air products.

The new office is located at 2115 E. Cedar St., Suite 6, in Tempe.

AtmosAir Solutions is based in Fairfield, CT, and has an office in Los Angeles. The new Tempe office will develop new products, enhance current product lines, and increase Atmos Air Solutions’ applications in the commercial and industrial sectors.

AtmosAir Solutions markets and installs bi-polar ionization air purification devices that significantly reduce mold, dust, odors, controls bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, particles and germs that get past normal ventilation and filtration systems in businesses, sports arenas, hospitals and airports and can cause illness or infections.

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