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AtmosAir Solutions Receives GSA Approval to Sell Products to Government Agencies

AtmosAir Solutions has received US General Service Administration (GSA) approval to sell its products to dozens of government agencies, including the military.

“We are thrilled and excited with this GSA approval decision,” said Steve Levine, President and CEO of AtmosAir Solutions. “This GSA approval not only validates our product line, but now will allow us to sell our indoor clean air devices to dozens of authorized users from the Department of Agriculture and Department of Defense to the US Secret Service. It’s a huge accomplishment and advance for our company.”

“AtmosAir’s GSA Schedule contract will allow all agencies throughout the US government to more easily access products that will bring them a healthier workplace.” said Scott Orbach, President of EZGSA of Bethesda, MD., which assisted AtmosAir Solutions and other commercial enterprises in making products and services more accessible to government buyers and the federal marketplace via the GSA. “The combination of a quality product and availability through GSA will give AtmosAir a formidable competitive advantage. With the administration’s emphasis on the environment, GSA’s action could not have come at a better time for both AtmosAir and for federal workers.”

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