Bacharach Offers CO Training; Louisiana Technical College System Trains Instructors

As heating season arrives, Bacharach Institute of Technical Training, a subsidiary of Bacharach, Inc. reminds the industry of the availability of its "Train the Trainer Program" on Carbon Monoxide (CO).

Bacharach, Inc. introduced the Bacharach Institute of Technical Training in 1994, and since then has provided technical instruction on CO safety, combustion analysis, and building pressure technologies to tens ofthousands of participants.

The training includes carbon monoxide issues of awareness, detection, alarms, response and remediation. Combustion analysis focuses on the specific testing requirements for space heating, water heating, cooking & decorative appliances for safety and efficiency. Building pressures are categorically discussed to demonstrate the impact buildings and their mechanical components can have on combustion equipment and the generation of carbon monoxide.

Bacharach offers the Train the Trainers Program to educators, wholesalers, first responders and others concerned with CO training. For more information, contact Bob Dwyer, director of training, at the Bacharach Institute of Technical Training, 877/473-8923.

Bacharach also announced that Louisiana Technical College instructors have successfully completed the CO Train the Trainer Program. According to Bacharach, the Louisiana Technical College System is the first statewide school system to address the seriousness of this issue and properly train all of its instructors.

The Louisiana Technical College System's HVACR instructors spent several weeks preparing for this course by reading Carbon Monoxide: A Clear and Present Danger published by ESCO Press (available on line at or www. Each teacher spent three days of intense classroom instruction with hands on training with two Bacharach instructors and one product support technician. The instructors' understanding and competency was verified through the retained knowledge Carbon Monoxide Certification exam developed by HVAC Excellence.

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