Bitzer Screw Compressors Now Available in U.S.

Sources from Bitzer U.S., Inc., Atlanta, GA, report the company has discontinued the exclusive private branding of its popular screw compressor product line, and has started marketing its screws directly to OEMs and aftermarket customers in the U.S.

According to Peter Narreau, president of Bitzer US, the transition has been transparent to customers with one major exception: Bitzer’s screw compressors now come in Bitzer’s traditional green color rather than black.

"We're excited to have the screws back in our product portfolio," Narreau says, "as they will complement our new R410A Commercial Scroll offering. Bitzer can now offer OEMs compressor capacities from 15 to 40 tons in scroll models and 40 to 320 tons in screw compressors."

For more information, please contact Bitzer at 770/503-9226 or e-mail [email protected]

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