Blue Hawk / Embassy / IMARK form “United Cooperative Alliance of America”

In a joint communications, Blue Hawk, Embassy Group Ltd. and IMARK Group, all cooperatives with distributor members serving the HVACR, Plumbing & PVF and Electrical industries, announced the formation of “United Cooperative Alliance of America”.

The United Cooperative Alliance of America mission is to enhance business practices across multiple verticals and help build upon the foundation already in place within Blue Hawk, Embassy and IMARK. All three organizations are member owned and governed, with each sharing a firm commitment of full disclosure to its members on all financial and directional issues of their respective organizations.

The newly formed United Cooperative Alliance of America has put together a Board of Advisors consisting of two board members from each organization along with the three respective Presidents and/or CEOs. United Cooperative Alliance of America looks to help attract and retain the best membership for their respective verticals to enhance the cooperative model for the benefit of all its members as they move forward in a diverse and dynamic market.

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