BPI Announces Changes to Standard Development

The Building Performance Institute (BPI),Malta, NY, has initiated a professional approach to the development and upkeep of the BPI Standards. The BPI board of directors has approved changes to the standards development process that will follow ISO/ANSI procedures, and allow BPI to seek ISO/ANSI accreditation as a standards development organization.
While the current standards development process has served BPI since its inception, the new process will be more formally structured. A standards technical committee will be appointed to review and take action on proposals and comments from the general public, with updates to the standards made annually.
The following process description and calendar provide an overview of the new structure, and the formal procedures can be found here.
Application is due to BPI by November 30, 2007 for those interested in serving on BPI's standards technical committee.
Visit www.bpi.org for additional information.

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