Brauer Supply Adds Room for Next 130 Years

Brauer Supply Adds Room for Next 130 Years

Brauer Supply Company, a family-owned and managed wholesaler founded in St. Louis in 1881, has opened a new headquarters and distribution center in St. Louis, MO. Brauer will use the location as the base from which it will service 12 Midwest locations with HVACR, themal insulation, air filtration, and fastener products.

Brauer entered the Kansas City market last fall when it opened another full-service facility.

"Our new St. Louis service center is conveniently located, making it easy for our customers to get here. It allows our fleet of delivery vehicles to quickly access customers' shops and job sites, says company president Jim Truesdell.

"This large facility is on a single level, with high cube space, allowing us to store more material in a way that’s conducive to accuracy and quick service, he says.

Vice President Bob Brauer, who led the building acquisition and relocation, says the new St. Louis location is one more step in the company's expansion program. It allows for rapid inventory replenishment and support services for Brauer's growing network of branch facilities.

Other family members on the management team are Bill D. Brauer, president of operations, and William H. Brauer, 84, chairman. The St. Louis headquarters facility has nearly 100,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and office space, with specialize areas for HVAC and thermal insulation customers.

The Brauer team believes the company's longevity has helped it to attract talented sales and management personnel. Its team delivers quality customer service and assistance with contractor product application questions.

As some competitors have left the HVACR industry, Brauer has flouirished, which sources say is due to the personal relationships it established with its HVAC customers.

Brauer Supply has also supported local HVAC organizations. When forced air heating was first developed, Brauer was one of the first local distributors to carry those products. They were also the first U.S. wholesaler for the fiberglass disposable filter, sources say. And, of course, they were active in the expanding popularity of central air conditioning systems.

Brauer Supply can be reached at 800/392-8776.

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