Brian E. Lane New CEOat Comfort Systems USA

Comfort Systems USA, Inc., a leading provider of commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC services, today announced that its board of directors has elected Brian E. Lane as the Company’s new chief executive officer and that William F. Murdy, the company’s previous chief executive officer, will continue to serve as the non-executive chairman of the company’s board of directors. Lane joined Comfort Systems USA in 2003. He has served as its president and chief operating officer since March 2010 and as a director since November 2010.

“Bill Murdy has done an outstanding job since becoming CEO and Chairman of the Company in June of 2000. He directed the Company through several business cycles, and under his leadership shareholders have seen significant returns. Bill did a great job preparing Brian Lane to take the helm, and he has worked tirelessly with the board to provide for a smooth transition," says Franklin Myers, the company’s lead independent director. “Brian’s succession has gone very well. The Company is in good hands and will achieve new heights under his leadership," Murdy says.

“I am excited for the future of the company and for this opportunity to lead the company," Lane says. "I'm grateful for Bill’s support during this planned succession, and I look forward to working with him in our new roles. Comfort is a great company because of the excellence of its operations and the quality of its thousands of employees. I'm proud to be at the head of such a great organization.”

Comfort Systems USA® is a premier provider of business solutions addressing workplace comfort, with 86 locations in 72 cities around the nation.

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