Camfil Farr Publishes Guidelines On Air Filtration For Mold Control

Camfil Farr, Riverdale, NJ, has published an information bulletin on the role of air filtration in helping control the spread of mold through building HVAC systems. The bulletin is the first in the industry to include specific guidelines on the recommended filtration efficiencies needed to remove various common species of mold. Camfil Farr has established these guidelines in response to growing industry concerns about mold proliferation in buildings. Titled “Mold & Air Filtration,” the four-page bulletin provides general background information on the nature of mold and discusses proper control strategies. As the bulletin notes, mold spores are well over 1.0 micron in size and are easily removed by applying air filtration according to ASHRAE recommendations. Even a MERV 6 pleated panel filter will have an efficiency of greater than 80% against most molds, when combined with the proper number of air changes. However, the bulletin cautions that air filtration is not in itself a cure for mold problems, but rather one important tool in a total control strategy. The bulletin is available from Camfil Farr and its national network of authorized distributors and representatives. For further information, call 973/616-7300, e-mail [email protected], or visit

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