Carrier Commercial Experts Finding Higher Energy Savings

Carrier® sources report that its certified Commercial Replacement Experts (CREs) are using efficiency analyses methods to help customers achieve energy savings with rooftop unit replacements. Carrier sources say the efficiency levels of its rooftop units are up to 60% higher than they were in 1995.

Carrier CREs use software designed by Carrier to run load calculations to properly size and select equipment and define a payback analysis that takes into consideration operational costs for the future in addition to the initial cost to repair or replace.

They also identify rebates and leasing programs for Carrier 2 to 27.5 ton rooftops. They are also able to install units that are factory and field stocked for fast delivery.

"As leaders in HVAC training and environmental stewardship, it's a natural fit for us to provide our contractors with the training and tools needed to assist customers in developing sustainable equipment strategies," says Greg Alcorn, vice president, commercial sales and marketing, Carrier Residential and Commercial Systems. "With more than 1,000 contractors having completed or scheduled to attend CRE courses, feedback and demand for the program has surpassed our expectations. Customers recognize the benefits this expertise can bring to their business."

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