Casteel Awards Restored Mustang to Xtreme Installer

Casteel Heating and Cooling, Inc., Marietta, GA, has awarded its first-ever ‘Xtreme Installer’ award to Chasen Quattlebaum is the winner of Casteel Heating and Cooling Inc.'s first Xtreme Installer contest, and has been awarded the first prize of a restored 1988 Ford Mustang.
Eight months of qualification performance measurement preceeded the award presentation.
Qualified Casteel installers were measured throughout the year on key performance indicators such as customer survey results, revenue generation, and call-back ratio. The contest was indeed a photo finish with less than 2 points separating first and second place teams.
Casteel Owner and President Bob Casteel and Vice President John Hillis personally restored the Mustang.
Hillis also presented installer-helper Mike Ellis with a Sony PlayStation 2 and games, for his supporting role on the winning team.
“"The Xtreme Installer program not only recognizes an individual, it provides benefits to our entire company and our customers”, says Hillis.
“It focused us on the importance of our install department and on improving our processes. During this year, we have received 95%-plus ratings from our customers and our call-back ratio is down from 17% to 4%.” “We now have the finest installers in the state and a unique pride of workmanship”, adds Casteel. “We have progressed from being only competitive to being miles ahead; it’s a tribute to this department.”

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