Casteel Converts Trane XL16i Into Go-Cart for Parade

Casteel Converts Trane XL16i Into Go-Cart for Parade

Casteel Heating and Cooling, Marietta, GA, recently found a different and creative way to keep current and potential customers close to the Trane brand they represent, and their business as a local dealer.

For the annual Cobb County candy parade for kids, Casteel technicians used a go-cart bar stool kit to convert a Trane XL16i air conditioner into a go-cart.

“As a participant in the Cobb County candy parade for kids, it’s always a challenge to standout from the other floats and entries,” says John Hillis, vice president of Casteel Heating and Cooling in Marietta, GA.

“Our goal was to elevate both the Trane and Casteel brands by standing out from the crowd and from the feedback we’re receiving we accomplished our mission. When current customers call to make a service appointment, they’re mentioning the go cart and we’re also receiving calls from potential customers that remembered us from the parade as well,” adds Hillis.

In addition to lots of positive feedback and hundreds of comments, Hillis wanted to share the go cart idea with other Trane dealers as an example of being creative and looking for opportunities to elevate your brand from the competition. For next year, Hillis says they’re planning to turn a furnace into a side car for the go cart.

Trane Comfort Specialist Casteel Heating and Cooling has served Metro Atlanta for 20 years.

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