CB PRODUCT EXCLUSIVE: Wrightsoft Allows for Field Manual J Calcs

CB PRODUCT EXCLUSIVE: Wrightsoft Allows for Field Manual J Calcs

Wrightsoft, Lexington, MA has released RightJ Mobile, a software application that allows HVAC contractors to create fast and easy ACCA Manual J block loads using browser-based technology on their mobile device in the field.

With virtually no learning curve and powered by Wrightsoft’s trademarked Hotlink Technology, RightJ Mobile’s easy-to-use interface benefits all HVAC professionals, beginners or advanced computer users alike, according to company sources.

The mobile application optimizes the calculation process so that accurate Manual J load calculations can be produced in minutes. Also available in Spanish, the program works with most browsers currently available on the iPhone and other smartphones, tablets, ultra mobile PC’s (UMPC) and laptops. Contractors can work from just about anywhere. Once back in the office, projects created in the field can be opened by the awardwinning RightSuite® Universal, where additional design capabilities can be added.

“The program removes barriers within our industry by providing the ability to quickly and accurately perform industry standard ACCA load calculations in the field, while improving the quality and comfort for the homeowner and reducing wasted energy from improperly sized equipment,” says Chris Edgren, vice president of sales and marketing for Wrightsoft Corporation.

Visit www.wrightsoft.com for additional information.

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