Cemtrex Announces Energy Incentive Assistance Program

Cemtrex Inc., Farmingdale, NY announced that it is providing its potential Green Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) customers several energy efficiency incentive programs at the federal, state and local levels designed to reduce energy consumption within New York State.

New York State has more than twenty different programs designed to reduce the initial cost of deployment of energy efficiency technologies and products.

New York Governor David Paterson pledged to meet 45% of the region's electricity needs through energy efficiency and renewable sources. The new target represents a higher-profile effort to cut electricity consumption after setting targets last summer aimed at persuading utilities to drive usage reductions of 15% by 2015.

Paterson said targeting energy efficiency in schools, hospitals and local governments will be key in realizing the "45 by 15" goal. Working toward the "45 by 15" goal will create 50,000 new jobs, claims Paterson, and help revitalize New York State's economy. The Cemtrex Green DCV Energy Incentive Assistance Program (EIA Program)

"As part of the assistance program Cemtrex will evaluate each potential customer's Green DCV project and help identify all the incentives available to them," said Metodi Filipov, Cemtrex vice president. "Our incentive program includes assistance from government and private sources and all these would be available to buyers of Green DCV free of charge."

Saving Energy means ROI
"The need for this incentive assistance program was discovered while we talked with our customers about our demand control ventilation product line since the question of how much this will cost always comes up," said Saagar Govil - Product Manager at Cemtrex. "We had to explain to the clients all the alternative sources of funding that exist today and thus decided to design this incentive program to help them reduce the initial cost of Green DCV deployment and rapidly increase the return of investment." Cemtrex Green DCV system, developed from several months of in-house research, is a new CO2 (carbon dioxide) based energy-saving technology that can be installed at any commercial building to save HVAC costs of up to 40% annually. Statistics show that 80% of the buildings worldwide are over-ventilated and waste energy associated with HVAC systems.

Cemtrex sources say Green DCV offers an indoor air quality system coupled with an energy efficiency system, by monitoring fluctuating occupancy levels inside all types of commercial buildings and thus controlling the HVAC systems for optimum performance.

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