CertainTeed Celebrates International Health and Safety Day

On Wednesday, June 14th, CertainTeed Corporation, Valley Forge, PA joins its parent company Saint-Gobain of Paris, France, in commemorating ongoing dedication to the health and safety of its employees and their families during the second International Saint-Gobain Health and Safety Day. CertainTeed’s 7,000 employees are joining the more than 200,000 Saint-Gobain employees participating in the wide-scale celebration, appropriately themed “Making Our World a Safer Place.”
CertainTeed, known for its strong commitment to fostering a culture built on health and safety, continually strives to eliminate accidents and injuries at all worksites.
Peter Dachowski, president and chief executive officer of CertainTeed, says the company is unwavering in its pursuit of safety.
“Safety is top priority for CertainTeed and for each of our employees whether they are working at a plant, in an office, on the road or at home," says Dachowski. "The International Saint-Gobain Health and Safety Day celebrates and reinforces our continued commitment to fostering a safe and healthy work environment.”
CertainTeed employees at the company’s 40 plants and corporate offices will observe the day by adopting a safety charter, reviewing annual safety plans and viewing a video from executive management regarding the company’s Health and Safety policy among other related activities. Each location will make a variety of health and safety activities available to its workers, such as fire fighting drills, forklift driving skills, free technical inspections for vehicles, first aid training, eyesight testing, free vaccinations, and more.
“This event allows us to reaffirm our commitment to building and maintaining a culture that holds us accountable for the health and safety of our colleagues, families and ourselves,” says Dachowski.

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