CertainTeed Corporation Introduces Award-Winning Commercial Building Science DVD for Building Professionals

CertainTeed Corporation, Valley Forge, PA, has introduced Commercial Building Science Concepts and Practices, a self study workshop DVD for builders, architects, designers, engineers and contractors.
Commercial Building Science Concepts and Practices illustrates how natural forces affect a building and outline strategies for achieving energy efficient buildings, identifying trouble spots in construction, and planning for safety, comfort and convenience.
The DVD contains seven learning modules: Introduction to Commercial Building Science, Thermal Control in Building Envelopes, Air Barriers, Moisture Management, Understanding Acoustics and Sound Control, Building for Fire Safety, Creating Comfortable Environments, and Green Building Through Sustainable Design. It includes 265 photographs, tables, schematics, diagrams, graphs, animations and cutaway views to explain the issue of commercial building science.
According to Stan Gatland, manager of building science technology for CertainTeed Corporation, the DVD explains the important building science concepts of commercial buildings including the building envelope, mechanical systems and occupants.
The dedicated Building Science team at CertainTeed features a group of national experts in building forensics who regularly work with building professionals to solve critical building envelope issues and provide solutions that have positive and lasting effects on the industry. Their competencies reach beyond any one component of a structure to focus on all materials interacting as a fundamental system.
The DVD has received awards for creative excellence from three international competitions, including a gold award at the 40th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film and Video Festival, top honors at the Aegis Video and Film Production Awards, and a bronze award at the 2007 International Summit Creative Awards.
For builders interested in the building science for residential buildings, the DVD “The Art of Building Science” is also available. For information on how to purchase a copy of either DVDs, call 800/233-8990; or visit www.certainteed.com.

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