Charlie Greer Announces Dates for Sales Survival Schools

Charlie “Tec Daddy” Greer has announced the dates for the spring edition of Charlie Greer Sales Survival Schools.

Greer is a longtime contributing author, nationally-known HVAC educator, and recipient of the inaugural Tom McCart Consultant of the Year award.

The Sales Survival Schools are four days of intensive sales training for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC service technicians, and HVAC residential replacement salespeople.

Courses are held in Fort Myers, FL. Starting this year, Greer is offering a two-day advanced refresher course for previous graduates.

The sessions combine one-on-one coaching, role playing, and the use of scripted closing and objection-handling techniques. Participants have the option of being video-taped during the role-playing, so they can later see themselves as others see them. Attendees will spend time with other positive-minded peers.

“A lot of negative-minded people go home with a whole new outlook on their jobs and their lives,” Greer says.

The spring 2009 schedule for Charlie Greer Sales Survival Schools is as follows:

  • March 24-25, 2009: Advanced/Refresher Course for all service technicians
  • March 26-27, 2009: Advanced/Refresher Course for HVAC Salespeople
  • March 31-April 2, 2009: 4-Day Sales Survival School for HVAC Techs
  • April 7-10, 2009: 4-Day Sales Survival School for HVAC Salespeople
  • April 14-17, 2009: 4-Day Sales Survival School for HVAC Salespeople
  • April 21-24, 2009: 4-Day Sales Survival School for Plumbers & Electricians.

Topics will include:

  • Defining excellence in sales
  • Dispelling sales myths
  • Getting comfortable with the concept of being in a sales position
  • Proven, scripted responses to all the common sales objections
  • Closing techniques
  • Getting a higher average sale or service call
  • Selling add-ons, accessories, service agreements, and IAQ
  • Steps to running sales/service calls
  • Projecting confidence
  • Positive thinking.

The Advanced/Refresher Course offers one-on-one consultations with Greer, and is open only to graduates of the 4-Day Sales Survival School.

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