Chelsea Group Collaborates on Toxic Mold Best Seller

Recognizing the overwhelming need for a comprehensive review of the complex and often controversial issues surrounding mold growth in buildings, the Chelsea Group has teamed up with the Foundation of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (FWCI) to produce a mold-related "best seller" with more than 10,000 copies in circulation. Chelsea Group, Ltd., a Chicago-based indoor air quality (IAQ) consulting firm, researched and authored the 44-page report, "Mold: Cause, Effect and Response," for FWCI's Foundation Research Series. The report reviews a number of scientific, medical and technical resources and includes discussions on mold in construction, mold and health effects, different types of indoor molds, assessment, remediation, prevention; and risk management and insurance. It also takes on the challenge of exploring the interrelationship of the wall and ceiling structure with the various components of a building as they relate to moisture and mold, says George Benda, Chelsea Group's chairman and CEO. "As a result of reading this report, manufacturers, contractors, building owners, and managers have a clearer understanding of the state of the science with respect to mold so they can be better equipped to prevent problems, handle complaints when they do occur, and practice good risk management," says Foundation President Bruce Miller. "The response to this report underscores the need for this information not only within the wall and ceiling industry, but among all industries that design, build, and operate buildings, including those industries that provide building materials. We are pleased by this publication's reception and that it is proving useful across the entire construction industry," Miller adds. The report is part of the Foundation Research Series and may be obtained from the FWCI at The Foundation is headquartered in Falls Church, VA. Its mission is to be an active, unbiased source of information and education to support the wall and ceiling industry. For more information about FWCI, contact Jane Northern at 703-538-1615, [email protected] Chelsea Group, Ltd. headquartered near Chicago in Itasca, IL., specializes in strategic, technical, and marketing consulting to major corporations for enhanced positioning of products and services relating to the indoor environment. For more information, visit or call 800/626-6722.

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