Cleveland HVAC Contractor Sees Value of Internet Presence

Design Air Heating & Cooling, Cleveland, OH, has launched a new website, as an information portal for Cleveland home owners. Homeowners can visit the website for information about HVAC solutions and educational information related home energy efficiency. Sources say the website will contain infomation on home safety, and new energy efficient solutions, that will benefit homeowners throughout their time of home ownership.

"Our goal is to offer the most educational information for homeowners by providing them with informative and professional articles and resources, which will make a portal worth visiting and using to better make homes safe and energy efficient," says Ken Caldwell, president and owner, Design Air Heating & Cooling.

Articles are added regularly, and an online monthly newsletter rovides home improvement tips. Future plans include educational awareness guides on residential HVAC, advice from contractors, and a question and answer forum for Cleveland homeowners.

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