ClimateTalk Alliance Releases HAC Motor Standards

The ClimateTalkT Alliance announces the release of the ClimateTalk Motor Profile and associated CT-LWP protocol. The motor profile defines application standards for HAC motors including indoor blower motors, inducer drives, stepper valves and outdoor fan motors to allow interoperability among manufacturers. The ClimateTalk approach to the motor standard enables OEMs to build generic peripheral devices that are characterized by the master device, rather than requiring a unique motor or valve for each rating or application. In addition, contractors can minimize the replacement part number SKUs they carry in the field as an un-programmed device will discover its requirements from the unique system in which it is being installed.

Complimenting the Motor Profile is the CT-LWP standard. This "Light Weight Protocol" is a perfect match for peripheral devices to be controlled in a master-subordinate arrangement. Connecting with CT-LWP minimizes the cost and complexity of developing communicating devices that provide superior performance while providing valuable performance feedback and diagnostic information that can be accessed throughout the HVAC system.

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