Coastal Mechanical ReceivesIWT Training Grant

Coastal Mechanical ReceivesIWT Training Grant

In-house training designed to improve long- and short-term wage levels

Coastal Mechanical Services, LLC, Melbourne, FL, has received a $50,000 Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) grant. Administered by Workforce Florida, Inc., the IWT provides grant funding for customized training to existing for-profit businesses of all sizes.

Coastal Mechanical offers in-house employee training programs designed to improve long and short term wage levels; lower employee turnover; reach out to veteran and minority workers; and fill skilled worker gaps as baby boomer tradesmen retire. The IWT grant will subsidize costs associated with such training.

Coastal Mechanical was named the 2009 Commercial HVAC Contractor of the Year by magazine.

Grant funds will help support Coastal’s largest training initiative, All Florida Apprenticeship, GNJ (AFA). AFA was developed to increase craftsmanship and leadership skills of incoming and existing employees. Graduates of AFA play a large role in Coastal’s retention and succession planning.

Additionally, grant funds will facilitate Coastal’s development and implementation of an e-learning program for Program Managers and Engineers. This e-learning initiative will train employees on processes and procedures that make Coastal successful and will allow Coastal to continue to expand while providing additional jobs and delivering high quality projects.

Since 2000, Florida businesses have received more than 1,300 IWT grants, which have helped provide customized training to more than 119,000 Floridians. A recent study found that IWT participants experienced an average 5.4 percent wage increase within one year of completing training. As the state’s business-led workforce policy board, Workforce Florida’s highest priority is to get Floridians back to work, while supporting the retention and advancement of those who are employed.

For more information regarding the Incumbent Worker Program visit

Read about Coastal Mechanical's CB award at:

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