Comfortech Product Showcase Award: July 2009

At HVAC Comfortech 2008, 15 products were recognized as Product Showcase Award winners. Judges took into consideration the ease with which HVAC contractors can apply the technology, and the technical value of the product or service to the HVAC industry. We'll feature these products each month in upcoming issues of Contracting This month, we're featuring Emerson's Digital Scroll Compressor and Nordyne's IQ Drive, the winners in the Forced Air Cooling category. For additional information on any of the products listed here, circle the appropriate number(s) on the reader service card at the back of this issue or visit

Emerson Offers R-410A Copeland Scroll Digital Compressors

Emerson Climate Technologies, announced that its R-410A Copeland Scroll Digital is now available in a compete line of 3 to 12 horsepower models for commercial air conditioning applications. These units are designed to modulate compressor capacity from 10 to 100%. Copeland Scroll Digital is an important part of Emerson Climate Technologies' continuing commitment to providing contractors a broad line of advanced R-410A compressors.

Nordyne: iQ Drive® Technology Air Conditioner

Nordyne sources say the iQ Drive® technology from Maytag delivers high efficiency, 23-SEER cooling in a split-system air conditioner. Conventional air conditioners cycle on and off at full capacity to maintain the indoor temperature, unlike iQ Drive which is an inverter-driven rotary compressor that provides fully variable operation. It reacts to the cooling demand and changes the system capacity by modulating the speed of the compressor motors.

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