At HVAC Comfortech 2009, 11 products were recognized as Product Showcase Award winners. Judges took into consideration the ease with which HVAC contractors can apply the technology, and the technical value of the product or service to the HVAC industry. We'll feature these products each month in upcoming issues of Contracting Business. This month, we're featuring Geofinity’s Elemental Zephyrus, the winner in the Forced Air Cooling category. For additional information on any of the products listed here, circle the appropriate number(s) on the reader service card at the back of this issue or visit

Geofinity Offers Enhanced Comfort with Zephyrus
The Elemental Zephyrus is a high efficiency, eco friendly forced air heating and cooling system designed as the ultimate comfort solution. The system is engineered exclusively with R410A. Available in 1.5 through 5.5 ton sizes in both vertical and horizontal configurations, the Zephyrus can meet any and all space requirements for new or retrofit applications.

The system controller is programmed to regulate and monitor the Zephyrus for maximized efficiencies. The controls incorporate an LCD messaging/ notification screen with a simple keypad to promote functionality through ease of use. On board diagnostics and user menus afford easy modification of home comfort levels, provide instant alerts to system faults and further assist in component troubleshooting and servicing.

Zephyrus systems are designed with oversized air and coaxial heat exchangers that produce increased operating efficiencies and greater cost savings. Circle 145

Correction: Fujitsu should have appeared in the April Guide to High Efficiency Air Conditioning

Fujitsu enhances flexibility of 410A inverter Halcyon mini-split line
Fujitsu General America, Inc., now offers three new ductless wall mount split system heat pumps with longer refrigerant pipe lengths and high-energy efficiencies. Each of the three systems offers an extended line set capability, providing a line set maximum of 165 lineal feet.

The 18RLXS is an 18,000 BTU, 19 SEER, 10 HSPF heat pump that qualifies for Tier 2 Energy Star ratings, making it eligible for up to a $1,500 Federal tax credit.

Fujitsu's 24RLXS, a 24,000 BTU heat pump with an 18.0 SEER, 10.0 HSPF rating qualifies for Tier 2 Energy Star ratings, also making it eligible for up to a $1,500 Federal tax credit. The 24RLXS operates optimally at temperatures of 0F for cooling and 5F for heating purposes.

Also, the company's 30RLX heat pump provides 30,000 BTUs of heating and cooling with ratings of 16 SEER and 9.5 HSPF. The 30 RLX also provides low ambient cooling operation down to 0F, making it ideal for computer room cooling applications. Circle 146

Coleman® Echelon™ Series 13 SEER Horizontal Discharge Air Conditioner Offers High Efficiency and Compact Size
The new Echelon™ Series horizontal discharge air conditioner from Coleman® is available in 2.5- to 5-ton capacities. The unit features MicroChannel aluminum coil technology to provide enhanced sizing and efficiency levels that range from 13.0 SEER/11.5 EER with a loose coil to 15.6 SEER/13.75 EER when coupled with a variable-speed indoor blower.

The new air conditioner uses R-410A refrigerant and a high-efficiency scroll compressor that is internally protected against high temperature and pressure by the simultaneous operation of a temperature sensor and a high-pressure relief valve. The compressor combines with a swept wing fan design to ensure quiet operation, with levels as low as 71 dBA. Circle 147

Goodman Launches Mobile App
SmartContractor™ – a web-based application accessible by any mobile phone with an internet browser – is designed to save HVAC installers and service technicians time and money, company sources say.

In the field, SmartContractor lets service technicians locate vast amounts of product information simply by setting the internet browser on their cell phone to and entering the serial number of a Goodman® or Amana® brand product. The SmartContractor application can also be used with any computer equipped with an internet browser. Circle 148

ICM Controls Introduces SimpleComfort® SE5000 Series Thermostat
ICM Controls announces its new SimpleComfort® series programmable communicating thermostat (PCT). The SE5000 features an in-home display (IHD) coupled with a residential thermostat, providing direct HVAC load control by utility companies serving Smart Grid customers.

The SimpleComfort SE5000 series is designed around ZigBee’s Smart Energy (SE) profile for communication with smart meters, an industry-leading core technology for monitoring, controlling, and automating the delivery and use of energy to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. The SE5000’s in-home energy display allows the end user to monitor key energy data in real time. Circle 149

Payware Mobile Now Offers VeriFone
Payware Mobile introduces a complete credit card payment solution for the iPhone, providing on-the-go businesses with simple and secure transactions. Some features of the VeriFone are:

  • Sleek and durable card reader that snaps onto iPhone 3G/3GS
  • Built-in stylus that makes signature capture easy; receipts can be instantly emailed
  • End-to-end encryption protects customer data and greatly reduces fraud and merchant liability
  • iPhone app and gateway provides real-time reporting, payment consolidation and fast access to transaction history. Circle 150

Delmar and DEWALT® Release HVAC Code Reference Book
Delmar announced the release of the DEWALT® HVAC Code Reference: Based on the International Mechanical Code. Employing the codes established by the International Code Council (ICC), this book helps HVAC professionals understand and comply with complicated code requirements.

Based on the ICC's 2009 International Mechanical Code®, the DEWALT® HVAC Code Reference provides readers with the knowledge and information needed to successfully install, remove, repair or modify HVAC equipment. With 80 pages of detailed code information, the book covers everything from materials and duct construction to air-conditioning, combustion, water heaters, fireplace ventilation, electrical connections and more. There are full-color, three-dimensional illustrations throughout the book detailing components of code requirements and violations. Circle 151

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