ComfortSystems USA Acquires ColonialWebb Contractors

ComfortSystems USA, Inc., Houston, TX, a leading provider of commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC services, has acquired ColonialWebb Contractors, based in Richmond, VA.

ColonialWebb serves mechanical contracting, HVAC, and industrial refrigeration customers in Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

"We're extremely pleased that ColonialWebb is joining Comfort Systems USA," says Bill Murdy, ComfortSystems USA CEO. "ColonialWebb has a long history of excellence throughout the mid-Atlantic region and will immediately become our largest subsidiary. With excellent capabilities, systems, resources and leadership at every level, ColonialWebb will continue to be a significant factor in the mechanical contracting and service industries overall, and we expect that, over time, interaction between our existing companies and ColonialWebb will strengthen and improve all of Comfort Systems USA," Murdy says.

ColonialWebb was the result of the acquisition of Colonial Mechanical and Webb Technologies by First Energy in 1999. The Webb family reaquired the company in 2003.

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