Contractor Marketing Prices Rise

Hudson, Ink of Montgomery, Alabama focuses on helping the in-home service contractor market more effectively with turn-key marketing packages, customer newsletters, custom copywriting, ad design and marketing strategy.

Adams Hudson, president of Hudson, Ink. specializes in direct response advertising, for which his ads helped produce an astounding $330,000,000 in sales for contractor clients in one year.

These results come at a price however, one that, due to increased costs and high demand, will be going up. The cost of custom copy writing will increase to $2,200 per page, effective immediately. All those works currently in progress will be honored at the previous rate.

Even though his copywriting fees are perhaps the most expensive in the contracting industry, the results Adams has secured for his many repeat customers have proven worthwhile.

To receive more information about custom copy writing and other available marketing products, contact Hudson, Ink. at (800) 489-9099 or visit

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