Contractor’s HVAC System Brings Quiet Comfort to Classrooms

Contractor’s HVAC System Brings Quiet Comfort to Classrooms

Randy Guignard, CEO, Four Seasons Corp, Knoxville, TN, has used more than 30 years of HVAC service and design experience to develop the Academic HVAC Replacement System for old-style unit ventilators found in classrooms, libraries, and meeting rooms. Guignard says the systems will minimize changeout hassles and maximize versatility in installations.

"The units are custom-designed to fit into the existing space, therefore no demolition, reconstruction, or even touch-up painting is required in most situations," he says.

The units are available in horizontal and vertical orientations, and accomodate most major HVAC brands.Changeouts are quick and timely, and clean up is fast and easy.

The Academic HVAC Replacement Systems' benefits include less cost than replacing an existing system; reduced replacement part costs; lower operating costs; convenient front access for easier, faster maintenance, and quieter components. Custom cabinets are available. The units can also be customized to include a fresh air heat exchanger or UV light for air purification. And, a rooftop installation can be done just as easily as a ground floor installation.

"We've designed almost everything we can into them. The school, engineer, architect and contractor get the best of all worlds," Guignard says.

The units can be installed in a classroom in one day.

"When the teacher leaves the room at 3 p.m., our crews go in. It's ready by the next morning," Guignard says.

"School maintenance people refer to it as their little problem solver," he says, "and teachers are thrilled by how quiet it is. They no longer have to shout to be heard".

Four Seasons sells the units directly to the school, to the school's designated contractor, or they can be installed by a Four Seasons installation team.

Four Seasons has been working in the HVAC industry since 1931.

Visit; or call 865/219-9886 for information.

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