Cropp-Metcalfe Acquires Primary Multicraft

Cropp-Metcalfe, Fairfax, VA has acquired the operations of Primary Multicraft, Beltsville, MD. The acquisition will allow Cropp-Metcalfe to offer HVAC, plumbing, home security, and home remodeling services.

Primary Multicraft consists of residential HVAC, commercial HVAC and home improvement services. Primary Multicraft services the Washington, DC metro area, with a total of 7,000 service contract customers. The company employs 129 people (administration personnel and technicians) and has sales/service revenue of more than $10 million annually.

Primary Multicraft was established in 1999 from the consolidation of several smaller HVAC firms. The firms were: Advanced Fire Technologies, Air Control, Craftsman, Eagle Mechanical, Home Appliance, Networx, Primary Electric, Aitken Air Conditioning and Heating Specialists, Beltway, M. Pierre, Mountain Air Technologies, Dwyer Service Corp., EJ Whelan, Johnny B. Quick, and AB&A.

With this acquisition, Cropp-Metcalfe becomes the largest privately held residential HVAC/plumbing service firm in the Mid-Atlantic region with more than 200 employees generating annual revenue of over $25 million

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