Daikin Network to offer Incentives, Training

Daikin AC (Americas), Inc., Dallas, TX, is launching the Daikin Network Alliance (DNA), in an effort to provide HVAC contractors with its ducted and duct-free Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) and split systems.
The DNA accepting applications from highly-skilled HVAC contractors interested in adding Daikin’s intelligent air conditioning solutions to their product lines.
Daikin says those selected as DNA Dealers will be chosen based on their technical astuteness and capability of installing and servicing Daikin equipment.
DNA Dealers are required to participate in training at no cost to themselves. They will receive sales referrals, formal recognition, and promotional incentives.
DNA Dealers will receive accruals in the form of "DNA Dollars" through qualified purchases. Half of the accrued dollars will be available for obtaining DNA marketing materials and service tools, and the other half will be available to use for sponsorships, events and advertisements.
The program operates quarterly and DNA Dollars accrued during 2007 will be available until March 31st of 2008.
For more information, visit www.daikinac.com.

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