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Danfoss Acquires Residential Control Product Manufacturer

An acquisition by Danfoss, Baltimore, MD, gives the components company an enhanced presence in the design of residential air conditioning products.
Danfoss reports it has signed an agreement to acquire Chatleff Controls Inc., Austin, TX, which markets connectors and distributors for air conditioning systems.
Chatleff Controls has 250 employees. It posted net sales of approximately $42 million in 2006.
“With Chatleff Controls joining Danfoss, we will become a solutions provider in this area, in addition to being a component manufacturer,” says Kim Fausing, president, Danfoss Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
“This is a natural result of a market movement in the direction of supplying thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs) assembled together with connectors and distributors,” says Kim Fausing, president, Danfoss Refrigeration Air-Conditioning division.
He adds that the move also puts Danfoss among the most complete and comprehensive suppliers of compressors and controls for the U.S. residential air- conditioning market.
“Danfoss and Chatleff Controls are both family-owned companies with strong and dedicated values that match each other well,” says Raymond G. Henderson, owner and CEO of Chatleff Controls.
Chatleff Controls will become part of the system and assemblies business unit within the Danfoss Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning division.
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