Danfoss Announces 2007 EnVisioneering Symposium Series

Danfoss, Baltimore, MD, announces the following lineup for its 2007 EnVisioneering Symposium Series:
“Building Global Energy-Efficient Solutions,” April 17, Washington, D.C.
“Making Dollars and Sense of Energy Efficiency: A Focus on Conservation,” June 5, Long Beach, CA.
“Education and Awareness: Overcoming Communications Barriers with Regard to Energy Efficiency, October 23, Washington, D.C.
Danfoss launched the EnVisioneering Symposium Series in August 2006 to create an ongoing dialogue among industry, the policy community, and thought leaders in research and development. The three 2006 symposia – held in Kansas City, Chicago and Washington, D.C. – brought together experts from a variety of professional backgrounds – all with a vested interest in energy issues.
For continuing updates on the 2007 EnVisioneering Symposium Series, visit www.envisioneering.danfoss.com/symposium.

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