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Danfoss Announces Take-Out Special for Contractors

Air-Conditioning and refrigeration contractors in the U.S. are the audience for a new promotional campaign from Danfoss. The Danfoss Take-Out Special rewards refrigeration air-conditioning contractors with a $5 fast food gift card for every purchase of a KPU pressure control or thermostat at participating wholesalers.
Development of the KPU products began when Danfoss invited contractors and technicians to put together “wish lists” for a new pressure control design. Representative technicians from every level of expertise formed into focus groups and worked with Danfoss throughout development and field testing, to ensure that the features the technicians wanted were included and gave them the benefits they wanted.

First priority for technicians was controls that were easy to wire. Competing controls require wire bending and forming to make connections. Danfoss located the KPU cable entry directly beneath the terminals, and included a unique guide that directs stripped wires to the push-in terminals. The new simplified connection procedure means that installation time is dramatically reduced.

KPU control function can be tested without tools; using a simple fingertip procedure, and contacts are visible at all times within a transparent housing, so that their action can be easily monitored.

Contractors wanted packaging that would withstand the rigors of stocking on a service truck without collapsing, and they wanted controls to be easily identifiable. In response, Danfoss provided robust packaging that is labeled on several sides in large print with cross-reference data and operating parameter labels.

Jeff Douglas, Vice President of Aftermarket for Danfoss, says, “With the Take-Out Special, we are reaching out to refrigeration and air-conditioning contractors. We have significantly expanded our sales coverage, redesigned products for the American contractor, and we offer unparalleled service and support to exceed their needs.”
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