Danfoss Provides Review of EnVisioneering Symposiums

Danfoss, a global supplier of components, controls, compressors and systems for air-conditioning and refrigeration, has issued a 16-page report that summarizes the key findings from its 2006 EnVisioneering Symposium Series.
“Danfoss 2007 EnVisioneering Insights: An In-Depth Look at Advanced Energy Strategy and Technology” is a comprehensive report of the lively discussions and major findings from the three symposia held in 2006 -- in Kansas City, Chicago and Washington, DC.
“The purpose of the report is two-fold,” said John Galyen, president of Danfoss Refrigeration Air-Conditioning, North America. “First, we wanted to identify the key environmental, energy and engineering issues related to policy, market forces and technology. Second, it provides a summary of the major energy and environmental codes, standards and legislation affecting the HVAC/R industry.”
In addition to the findings and reference guide, EnVisioneering Insights features opinion columns written by several thought leaders and a sneak preview of the 2007 EnVisioneering Symposium Series, which will focus on solutions and outcomes to meet short- and long-term energy needs.
For a free copy of EnVisioneering Insights, contact Danfoss at 410/931-8250 or visit www.danfoss.com/north_america. to download a pdf of the magazine.

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