Danfoss Turbocor Inventor Conry Starts New Venture: Verdicorp

Danfoss Turbocor and Ron Conry — the inventor and founder of Turbocor Compressors — jointly announced that Conry has launched a new venture to develop new technologies, and develop solutions for energy generation and conservation.

The newly- formed innovation company will be called Verdicorp. It will focus on research and development, and the manufacture of new, cutting-edge products in the energy industry. Conry will continue as a senior technology advisor to Danfoss Turbocor, which he founded in 1994.

In 1994, Conry assembled a world-class international team to develop a centrifugal compressor that would be very efficient, operate at high speed, be oil-free, lightweight, quiet, vibration-free, fully integrated and cost-competitive. Conry’s concept compressor was developed in Australia, and then commercialized in Canada. Following the backing of a joint venture with Danfoss, the product that was subsequently developed has achieved global recognition. Sources report there are more than 14,000 Turbocor compressors in operation worldwide.

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