Data-Basics to Hold 2006 User's Group Meeting in September

Data-Basics, a leading provider of enterprise software for the service, construction and facilities industries, today announced its 2006 User's Group Meeting and Seminar for September 10-12, in Cleveland, OH. The annual event is open to all companies currently using a Data-Basics software product such as SAM Pro Enterprise.
The focus of this year's seminar will be maximizing the underlying power of SAM Pro Enterprise for firms using the enterprise software suite. This will include making the most of the software in automating daily tasks, implementing wireless field service software and utilizing Data-Basics' signature Rules-Based Managementâ„¢ technology to handle exceptions and enable management by exception. The seminar will also provide an opportunity for firms to preview the latest release of SAM Pro Enterprise, version 7.0.
"Each year, this event provides a great opportunity to extend our client's depth of knowledge in SAM Pro Enterprise," said Art Divell, CEO, Data-Basics. "The event also represents an important time for Data-Basics since it brings together such a diverse group of users, each with a unique business model and approach to using our products."
As was the case last year, the 2006 seminar will feature multiple sessions in intimate but diverse user groups. Each group will benefit from the opportunity to exchange knowledge with a wide range of users in industries that include service, construction, equipment sales and distribution, facilities management and national accounts. Companies will also be able to network with one another, providing valuable opportunities to exchange ideas and build relationships.
This year's seminar also coincides with Data-Basics' annual corporate picnic and golf outing, taking place on Sunday, September 10. For more information, call 800/837-7574 or visit

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