Dick Holmquist Retires from Bryan Steam

Dick Holmquist has retired as national sales and marketing manager of Bryan Steam LLC, Peru, IN.

Holmquist has served in sales capacities within the industrial heating industry for 43 years. He began at Iron Fireman in Harrisburg, VA in 1966, selling commercial burners and boilers. He then became involved with international sales after Dunham-Bush purchased Iron Fireman.

Holmquist also held positions at Peabody-Gordon-Piatt as a District Sales Manager and then as OEM Sales Manager for OEM boiler manufacturers nationwide. He eventually came to work for one such OEM, Bryan Steam, in 1994.

Ron Guth will replace Holmquist as national sales and marketing manager.

Bryan Steam, originators of the “flexible water tube” design, offers boilers in capacities from 6hp to 500hp for industrial, commercial and institutional applications. Indirect water heaters, pool heaters and related equipment and accessories are also available.


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