Discrete Wireless is now NexTraq

Fleet tracking platform is a cloud-based application

NexTraq (formerly Discrete Wireless, Inc.), a leader in GPS fleet tracking and vehicle management solutions, has announced a rebranding initiative that incorporates a new image and messaging as well as a new approach to its website.

Sources say two “industry firsts” — one-minute reporting and 12-month customer data retention – are now included in the standard NexTraq offering.

“The rebrand initiative to NexTraq strengthens our commitment to provide our customers with the highest-value GPS fleet tracking solution in the telematics industry. It’s an ideal time as the overall GPS market is forecasting dramatic growth,” Scarbrough says.

“Historically, we have been a first-to-market company; proven again with one-minute reporting and 12-month customer data retention. Our brand identity in NexTraq reinforces more than 10 years of design innovation and industry firsts,” Scarbrough says.

The NexTraq™ Fleet Tracking platform (formerly MARCUS) is a cloud-based application that enables service and distribution businesses to optimize fleet operations while reducing operational costs and maximizing revenue. The suite of applications -- Fleet Dispatch, Fleet Metrics and Fleet Mobile -- gives customers the ability to manage their fleet more efficiently and with greater impact to their bottom line. Additionally, easy-to-use reporting functionality delivers key performance indicators (KPIs) to benchmark company goals.
  • Fleet Dispatch (formerly MARCUS Drive) leverages the in-vehicle Garmin® device, providing NexTraq customers with added productivity and profitability through two-way messages, instant route creation and improved driver efficiency.
  • Fleet Metrics (formerly MARCUS Pulse) is an intuitive, graphically rich dashboard that gives fleet managers and operators the ability to set user-defined goals to trend and benchmark their fleet operations. Fleet Metrics minimizes risk and controls costs while increasing visibility through a quick snapshot of fleet activity. Starting with the ability to set measureable goals by driver or fleet, it lets fleet managers quickly assess the status of their fleet.
  • Fleet Mobile (formerly MARCUS Mobile) puts the power of fleet management in managers’ hands, leveraging tablets, PDAs and smartphones. The solution gives the fleet manager the ability to track the individual location and performance of each vehicle, anywhere and anytime, regardless of fleet size.
  • NexTraq Web Services is an open platform that allows customers to integrate third-party applications, such as accounting or billing, to the NexTraq platform. The ability to interoperate with other applications makes the NexTraq platform the industry benchmark for integration.

“Our continued commitment to our customers positions us for aggressive growth going forward,” says Mark Roberts, chief marketing officer of NexTraq. “Whether your fleet is five or five hundred vehicles, NexTraq delivers advanced solutions that are flexible and easy to deploy," Roberts says.

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