DONE DEAL: Daikin CompletesAcquisition of Goodman

Combines Daikin global, environmental, tech expertise with Goodman's logistical/manufacturing strengths.

Daikin Industries, Ltd., announced on Nov.1 that it had completed the previously announced acquisition of Goodman Global Group, Inc.

The acquisition brings together recognized leaders in the global HVAC marketplace. It combines the global, environmental, technological and commercial HVAC expertise of the Daikin Group with the logistical and manufacturing proficiency of Goodman, for what sources report "will enable a level of success in the HVAC marketplace not possible as individual companies."

Through this acquisition, Daikin will fully enter the ducted-style North American HVAC market.

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To quickly align the synergies between the two groups, internal teams are being established to formulate and execute advanced action plans that will continue to facilitate growth that sustains both business expansion and a contribution to the environment through high-efficiency HVAC products and systems of the combined organizations.

The Goodman acquisition will be reflected in Daikin’s consolidated balance sheet for fiscal year 2012 and in the consolidated income statement for fiscal year 2013.

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