Commercial & Residential Valves:

Air, Check, Balancing, Shut-off, Discharge, Expansion, Flow Control, Gate, Line, Metering, Mixing, Needle, Pressure, Purge, Relief, Reversing, Solenoid, Temperature and Zone Control.


The Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (ePIV) is designed for use with building automation systems to perform control and energy-management strategies. It directly measures flow by combining a magnetic flow meter and a two-way control valve. An actuator modulates the control valve to maintain flow regardless of pressure variations, and the flow reading is reported back to the controller. The product range consists of 2-in. to 6-in. valves. belimo.us

Emerson Climate Technologies

Emerson Climate Technologies announces the release of the Emerson NXT series R-410A thermal expansion valve. The Emerson NXT series is a balanced ported valve designed for high efficiency R-410A air conditioning and heat pump applications. According to company sources, NXT series valves operate over a wide range of conditions and applications, and are designed to be the ideal thermal expansion valve for both new system designs and field service.

Key product features include:

• 1-7 ton capacity range

• Stainless steel power element for corrosion protection

• Enhanced diaphragm design for extended life

• Engineered polymer check valve option for increased reverse flow and improved reliability in split-system heat pump applications.



The Honeywell 5000 series zone valves feature a patented ball seal design that provides a new sealing surface each time the valve closes, extending life expectancy of the valve.

In the event of a service call, the valve seal and ball plug are easily accessed for “in-situ” service (no cutting or refitting required). The valves also feature a “slow return” motor and “Quick Fit” pushbutton actuator.honeywell.com

Johnson Controls

The V-3000-8011 and V-3000-8003 pneumatic valve actuators by Johnson Controls, are designed to accurately position steam or water valve modulating plugs in response to a pneumatic signal from a controller. A V-9502 valve pilot positioner can be ordered separately (V-3000-8011 only) for use in applications where sequential operation is desired or additional positioning power is necessary. The actuators have a molded synthetic rubber diaphragm design. This molded diaphragm provides a constant effective area throughout the actuator stroke. All parts are protected by a sturdy die-cast aluminum housing.



KZValve engineers valves and actuators that substantially impact installation performance. KZ’s top quality ball and butterfly valves in stainless steel, bronze, polypropylene and nylon, all have stainless steel hardware. Sizes range from ¼-in. to 5-in., with up to 2,000 psi. KZValve actuators are NEMA 6P rated (waterproof), NEMA 7D rated (ignition safe), and exceed the USCG electrical systems standards. Actuators are available in 12V DC, 24V DC and 24V AC. Customized engineering is offered.



Matco-Norca offers a range of steam radiator heating valves constructed with brass and bronze bodies. Matco’s entire radiator valve collections are produced in ISO 9002 approved factories.

Matco-Norca’s gate valves include brass SGV radiator supply valves and bronze steam radiator BSGV valves with connections x male unions. Both SGV and BSGV valves have a working steam pressure of 125-200 WOG. Sizes range from 1-in. to 1-1/4-in. for SGV valves and ¾-in. to 1-1/2-in. for BSGV valves.

Steam radiator angle valves include heavy pattern bronze BARV valves and heavy pattern brass BARVY valves, again with female iron pipe connections x male unions. BARV and BARVY valves have a working steam pressure of 15-60 WOG maximum steam pressure. Sizes range from ½-in. up to 1-1/2-in. for BARV valves and ½-in. up to 2-in. for BARVY valves.



The NCC1991 condensing tankless water heater from Noritz America delivers a thermal efficiency of 94%, with an input range of 16,000 to 199,900 Btu. This enables the unit to meet the hot water needs of larger residential applications as well as a wide variety of commercial projects.

Using a special quick connect cable, two NCC199-DV units can be coupled to provide an input of nearly 400,000 Btu, with a turndown ratio of more than 36 to 1. This makes the NCC1991 ideal for applications where hot water demand can vary substantially over the course of a day or throughout the year.

To obtain its 94% efficiency level, the NCC1991 uses a secondary heat exchanger, made entirely of stainless steel, transferring heat from the exhaust gases to the water. This heat recovery process lowers the temperature of the flue gases, allowing an additional, cost-savings benefit: exhaust vent runs with less expensive, installer-friendly PVC piping rather than the stainless steel venting required by conventional tankless water heaters. noritz.com

Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin Corporation introduces two new electric expansion valves (EEVs).

The Sporlan SER-AA and SER-A valves are ideal for subcritical C02 (R-744) supermarket cases and other small HFC and HCFC (hydrofluorocarbon) applications. The uni-body construction (a unique feature of the SER family) strengthens corrosion resistance, reduces leak paths and improves mounting flexibility.

The removable M12 connections on the SER-AA and SER-A meet IP67 standards.



The Vic-Ball valve is a high-pressure, standard-port ball valve with grooved ends. Its internal design has been streamlined to provide excellent flow characteristics, and comes available in ductile iron and stainless steel versions. A three-port diverter ball for redirecting flow 90 degrees left or right is available for carbon steel or stainless steel piping systems. Vic-Ball valves are sized 11/2 to 6-in. depending on body construction type. A 1/4 to 2-in. threaded brass ball valve is also available for a variety of services.


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